Salvaged goods & Unusual treasures

Uncle Wesley’s Thirdhand Store has closed for now.

In case you are still in need of something special and unique to buy or rent, feel free to contact us, we might be able to help. The store was just extra hassle at this point of our lives.

Jani:  +358 45 6701 366


  • Bought the most psychotic taxidermy row deer from a flea market in Kraków. Probably fairly old as they’ve used the actual skull and not a mold. Cost us a whopping 6€...
  • Made a new friend...
  • Last piece of interrior stuff (for now atleast) just arrived for @ravintolakakolanruusu I think i need one for myself too. #safarihat
  • So i bought this violet ray machine by “dr.” Carl Haider from München. I was told it’s probably better if I don’t plug it in...#violetray #haider #electrotherapy #snakeoil
  • Tagadi restauraatori päiv in Estonia treated us well again. If anybody knows anything about antique apothecary equipment, check out the last pick. I bought it for a night stand but it might also get my medication fixed. What the hell is it? #weirdshit #tagadirestauraatoritepäev